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Services for business

Conducting inventories

This is the best way to identify the actual availability of assets, inventories and fixed assets. The cost of paying for the services of independent auditors is much less than the amounts we identified and reimbursed for deficiencies.

Independent analysis of financial and economic activities

The main goal is to determine the competitiveness of business in the Ukrainian market, identify domestic resources, the possibility of using financial resources and capital, fulfillment of its obligations.

Crisis management

The main purpose of anti-crisis measures is to adapt the company’s activities to changes in external conditions.

Analysis of portfolio investments

Every single loan or investment can fail. Therefore, most creditors or investors make portfolio (group) investments. This allows you to average both profit and risk.

Analysis of financial condition

When analyzing the financial situation in the process, we use three main methods: approximate estimates, the use of results from previous years, industry indicators.

Consolidation of financial statements

The main purpose of preparing consolidated financial statements is to present the activities of parent and subsidiaries as a single business organization.

Transformation of financial statements

Transformation of financial statements occurs when the facts of economic life affect changes in assets, liabilities and equity for more than one reporting period.

Building a system of financial reporting

We select only highly qualified staff that will fully meet the expectations of your company. Entrust the selection to professionals.

Building a management accounting system

Management accounting expands financial accounting and is used primarily in the internal operations of the firm.

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