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Consulting services

Our company provides consulting services for accounting and tax accounting, business activities, etc. Consultations can be provided orally or in writing, once or on the basis of contractual subscription service.

One-time consultation

This consultation is a written (oral) answer to a clear question, which is sent by fax or e-mail.

Subscription consulting service

This type implies multiple consultations, the scope and timing of which are clearly defined in the contract.

Expert advice

At expert consultation the employee of our company independently carries out diagnostics, develops decisions and recommendations of their implementation. The client only needs to provide the consultant with access to information and evaluate the result.

Project consulting

Project consulting requires active interaction of the consulting specialist with the client at all stages of consulting. Our specialist actively listens to the client, analyzes problems at the enterprise, offers ways of the decision, participates in internal meetings on a concrete question at the enterprise, quite often participates in management of the company. The consultant collects internal and external ideas, evaluates solutions and reduces everything to a recommendation system.

Consulting is the basis of business planning in any enterprise. There are the following forms of counseling: expert, project and training (procedural). The choice of form of counseling is determined taking into account the nature of the problems, the specifics of the client organization

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