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Audit services

Mandatory audit

Comprehensive audit provided by the current legislation of Ukraine in order to confirm the reliability of financial statements. Mandatory audit is provided by Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Auditing”

Initiative audit

Audit, which is carried out on a special assignment of the subject of inspection, in which a detailed inspection of individual areas of accounting is possible. Based on the results of the audit, we provide an official audit opinion expressing the opinion of the audit company on the reliability of the financial statements.

Tax audit

This is a comprehensive inspection in accordance with the methods of conducting tax audits by specialists of tax inspections. The inspection carried out by our specialists will help to eliminate the violations in a timely manner and prevent penalties.

Special purpose audit

Audit, which is conducted to confirm the accuracy of accounting and reflection in the reporting of certain aspects of the enterprise.

Audit for the owner

It is initiated by the owners, and in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine, the audit company may perform the functions of the audit committee of the enterprise.

Audit of privatization objects

Determining the value of property to be privatized using standard methods approved by the government or state privatization bodies.

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